Triad logoSince 1960, Triad has been the builders' source for automated machine tools for the housing industry, including: Wall Panel Equipment for Wood Framing · Wall Panel Equipment for Steel Framing · Stair Equipment · Material Handling Carts & More

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Ruvo logoSince purchasing the Ruvo Door Equipment Co. in 1990, the Merrick Machine Co. has expanded its machine product line for the door and millwork shops and it has become an integral part of the industry throughout the world.

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Parts & Service Department

The Merrick Machine Co. Parts & Service Department is here to help you with your consumables or parts for your wall panel tables, bridges, door machines, stair machines and much more. Of course we can help you with Triad and Ruvo machines, but did you know that we also are here to assist you with all other brands of equipment in the industry, whether they be common or uncommon? We can!

Daisy GreenKyle SimmonsJessica Hammeren
Daisy GreenKyle SimmonsJessica Hammeren
(800) 568-7423 Ext. 239(800) 568-7423 Ext. 159(800) 568-7423 Ext. 150
(308) 384-1780 Ext. 239(308) 384-1780 Ext. 159(308) 384-1780 Ext. 150

Stacia SmithZach HerndonJudy Sorensen
Stacia SmithZach HerndonJudy Sorensen
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(308) 384-1780 Ext. 136(308) 384-1780 Ext. 105(308) 384-1780 Ext. 155